Automatic Ampoule Labeler

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Product Description

Automatic Ampoule Labeler stick self-adhesive sticker labels onto ampoules. Machine perform wrap around labeling operation on to ampoules meeting GMP requirements. Machine is compact in size having rotary mechanism with inbuilt PLC HMI onto control panel.

Interestingly machine is also suitable to labels vials up to 20ml diameter and bottles up to 25ml diameter. We are having three different models in this machine through which up to 600 per minute output can be achieved.


Ampoule Labeler Features
  • Compact cGMP model.
  • Option of hopper infeed or through wire mesh conveyor.
  • Three models of output 120 per minute, 300 per minute and 600 per minute.
  • Inbuilt touch screen HMI and PLC on control panel.
  • Machine body made from high quality Stainless Steel.
  • Printing device can be incorporated for printing.
  • Secondary Pressing unit.
  • Imported Gear Motor for Conveyor & Pressing unit.
  • Programmable MMI Unit
  • A.C. Frequency Drive
  • In built Speed Indicator & Counter
  • Imported Sensor for Label & Container


Ampoule Labeler Operation

Ampoules are loaded onto infeed hopper of the machine from where it is delivered to the feedworm. Feedworm rotates and during its operation transfers ampoules to the Starwheel. The Starhweel is having rollers same diameter as of ampoule body diameter. Starwheel transfer ampoules to the labeling station where ampoule picks label one by one and further moves towards pressing unit. Pressing Unit equipped with rubber belt for proper placing the labels. During movement of ampoules from pressing belt ampoules get labeled.

Duly labeled ampoules get collected on Outfed Collection Tray for further operation.

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