Cream/Gel/Toothpaste Processing System

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Product Description

Adinath International has a sophisticated modular system for the manufacturing emulsions in a wide viscosity range. Advanced processing technology offers consistently high product quality, shorter batch cycle, minimal operating costs, low space requirements and simple operation. The principal applications for the system are in the pharmaceutical and premium sectors.
Designed for the process
With long experience with the leading edge of vacuum pressing, Adinath International has developed a system which addresses the fundamental requirements of the served markets, including.
Flexible process parameters settings
Variable sheer force adjustment
Easy to upgrade to reflect the latest processing trends
High Efficiency High Sheer Head
The heart of the mixer is the vertically mounted, bottom side sheer head, which introduce shear, drives product flow and discharge the completed batch.
Aseptic construction
No additional pump required for discharge & cleaning
Modular Construction
The design of the mixer enables users to tailor the installation to their requirements. Units can operate on a standalone basis or as part of an integrated system. The core components of every mixer are:
Process vessel with a choice of agitation systems.
Vertically, bottom mounted high shear head
Internal and external high shearing
Vacuum generation and control
User friendly interface

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