Water for Injection Plant

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Product Description

Adinath offers Water for Injection Plant built with AISI SS 316L materials which produces pyrogen free sterile water (Water For Injection) which meets the requirement of Indian, British & United States Pharmacopoeia.
Water for Injection Plant is available in capacity from 80 liters/hour to 3000 liters/hour. The WFI produced by these plants is quite economical due to low maintenance and low operational cost.
Salient Features
100% pyrogen free distilled water conforming to U.S.P./B.P. specifications.
High initial cost but low operational cost.
Saving up to 70% of energy as compared to single column stills.
Low on maintenance as no moving parts except feed pump.
The unit can be operated at a higher steam pressure to get upto 50% higher output.
Automatic dumping of sub-standard distillate.
Low level controls for feed water.
Conductivity meter to continuously monitor the quality of final distillate.
Technical Specification
Material All contact parts are made out of AISI 316 quality. All tubing is seamless
Sealant P.T.F.E.
Distillate Quality As per U.S.P. / B.P. specifications
Distillate Temp. 95°C
Feed Water Quality De-Ionized mineral water with a max. conductivity of 5 micro Siemens / cm²
Feed Water Pressure 1kg/cm2 higher than the boiler steam pressure
Cooling Water Normal tap water, hardness less than 90 PPM of CACO
Steam Saturated dry, free from oil, vapors and other impurities

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