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Citizen is the leading manufacturer of high standard animal caging and related animal care equipment. Citizen is proud to offer IV caging system, an invaluable gift to the Bio- Medical Research Community of the Nation. IV caging system is the outcome of the dedicated efforts of our team, precise attention to manufacturing detail and engineering craftsmanship. Our success is based on our strong business integrity, high quality standards and matchless service.

Our state of the art facilities at our works and design office as well qualify us to provide cost effective solutions for research institutes. High quality products are manufactured from computer – aided design through high precision manufacturing equipment. At Citizen, manufacturing process is constantly refined and modernized to assure the consistent flow of highest quality products at competitive price.

We are proud of our products, our staff and our facilities.

The Animal Cages can be mainly classified into different types. Open Type Cages, Filter Top Cages and Ventilated Cages. The difference among three, is briefly explained below.

Open Type Caging System

Open cages are most simple in design. The cage consists of a cage box in plastic or metallic construction and a grill on top. The grill is partially depressed to facilitate the storage of animal food and to house the water bottle. The cages are house in the racks installed in clean rooms. The air circulation within the cage takes place by the natural current of air through the grill. The room is generally provided with a good amount of “once through” air to evacuate the contaminated air. The clean supply air protects the animals from the environment contamination but there is hardly any protection from the cross contamination from surrounding animal or care taking personnel.
Open Type Caging System

Filter Top Caging System

Filter Top Cage consists of a cage box, depressed grill and a wire or plastic structure on the top of cage with filter element. Similar to open cages, these cages are also housed in the standard racks installed in clean rooms. The filter top protects the animals from environment contamination and also eliminates the spreading of infection from the cage to surrounding environment. Because of high resistance of filters, the air circulation in cage is comparatively lower, causing higher level of Ammonia and CO2within the cage.
Filter Top Caging System

Ventilated Caging System

Ventilated Caging System

This type of caging system provides complete protection to animals without having the drawbacks of other two caging systems. Ventilated Caging System consists of following:

  1. The transparent cage with depressed wire grill, a lid with gasket, self – closing type supply and exhaust port.
  2. A dedicated air handling system called I.V.C. Ventilator

The lid with self closing ports provides isolation to the animal and also eliminates the spreading of contaminated air from cage to surrounding environment.

The I.V.C. ventilator provides required amount of clean air to each cage. It also extracts contamination air from cages and exhausts it out of the room after passing through filters. Forced ventilation with good air change rate keeps the cage drier maintaining low level of ammonia and CO2


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