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Product Description

Alfa offers a range of user-friendly multilane machines for filling of any type of product in rectangular and shaped stick-packs, allowing our customers to reduce downtime and fulfill their increasingly high production demands.
Alfa guarantees a compact solution with highest output on a small foot print including reliable weight control, less product loss, easy handling and cleaning.
Each Alfa machine is designed for the packaging process according to individual product specifications and aims to guarantee the highest levels of precision, quality and efficiency regardless the kind of product :
  • powders
  • granules
  • viscous
  • fluids
  • tablets
  • dragées
  • swabs/pads
  • objects
ensuring high quality and flexibility even of specific robotized feeding systems.
All filling systems are constructed with cutting edge technology and fitted with various dosing units, to suit the product to be treated.
Universal Pack will assists you in choosing the most suitable dosing system for your product.
Alfa can be set up with any dosing system and can accommodate a large range of stick-pack sizes.
Each product demands adequate dosing technology, adapted to specific product characteristics.
All dosing technologies feature precise weight control, with a focus on tight seals – a must for adequate and optimum protection of sensitive and valuable products.
Simplicity, endurance and quick size changeover are the strength and the key of success of Universal Pack machines and lines, guaranteeing at the same time the highest efficiency as well as simplified maintenance and improved user-friendliness of the machine itself. 

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