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Anti Aging Capsules, Slimming Diet Pill, Antacid And Other Medicines

Posted Date: 09-Apr-2020

Product Description

pharmaglobiz User From Benin Is Looking For Supplier Of The Products (medicines/drugs)listed Below:
2)chest Rub
3)digas Antacid 25's Sachets.
4)digas Classic 120's
5)digas Khatti Methl 120's
6)digas Syrup
7)digas(relief Colic Pain)
8)f.c Forte Syrup
9)herbituss(caough & Sore Throat)
11)livgen Dropa
12)moringa+s 100's
13)rumol Cream(shoulder & Muscle Pain)
14)pentallin (aminophylline Compound) Syrup 120ml
15)roplex-s (iron Sucros) 100mg/5ml I.v Injection 5mlx5's
16)stracef (ceftriaxone) 250mg Iv Injection    vial
17)stracef (ceftriaxone) 500mg Im Injection    vial
23)swisspime (cefipime) 1g Injection    vial
24)swisspime (cefipime) 500mg Injection    vial
25)tramacin (neomycin + Zinc Bactracin) Powder    10g
26)utramax (tranexamic Acid) 500mg Capsules    30's
27)vitaglobin (iron Plus Vitamins+b12) Syrup (glass)250ml
28)swiron  (iron Plus Vitamins) Syrup (glass)    250ml
29)slimming Diet Pill
30)anti Aging Capsules

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., Cotonou, BENIN

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