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Air Cooled Water Chiller

Posted Date: 16-Mar-2019

Product Description

pharmaglobiz Buyer From Italy Is Looking For Air Cooled Water Chiller, Cooling Power Is Not Less Than 1.128 Kw,  Water Outlet: 43 Degf, Water Inlet 53 Degf Summer Outdoor Temperature:102 Degf

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Approx Price :
Agrate Brianza, ., ITALY

More Information

Design Life: 			25 Years
M Motor Voltage: 		400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase (for Motors Up To 160 Kw)
M Motor Voltage: 	6.6 Kv, 50 Hz, 3 Phase (for Motors Above 160 Kw Up To And Including 2500 Kw )
Unit Protective Functions Shall Include, As A Minimum: 
- Loss Of Chilled Water Flow 
- Evaporator Freeze Protection 
- Low Or High Refrigerant Pressure 
- Low Refrigerant Temperature 
- High Condensing Temperature 
- Motor Overload / Overcurrent /earth Fault 
- Reverse Rotation 
- Compression Starting And Running Over Current, Overload And Earth Fault 
- Earth Fault Projection Relay 
- Phase Loss 
- Phase Imbalance 
- Phase Reversal 
- Loss Of Oil Flow 
In Addition, The Chiller Unit Shall Incorporate The Following Features: 
- Compressor High Pressure Safety Switches 
- Electrical Isolators Mounted On Uprights, For Incoming Power Supplies 
- Flare Couplings And Service Valves 
- Compressor Casing/oil Sump Heaters

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