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Pharmaceutical Tubes Filling Line

Posted Date: 22-Sep-2018

Product Description

pharmaglobiz Buyer From Russia have Require pharmaceutical Tubes Filling Line machine

Minimum Order Quantity :
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The Crimean, Krasnoda, RUSSIA

More Information

capacity Is 50-150 Tubes/min. 
Filling Range Is 5-50 Ml. 
Filling Accuracy Is -1.2%(5-8 Ml); -0.9%(9-50 Ml). 

Tubes Are Metal, Laminated And Polymeric. 3 Kinds. There Is One Important Thing. Can All 3 Kinds Of Tubes Be Used On The One Machine What Should Be Changed For It 

Diameter Is From 10 Till 35 Mm. 
Height Is From 60 Till 160 Mm. 

Control System: Not Cap Or Not Tube, So Not Filling. 

Labelling With Embossing. There Should Be Spiral For Electrical Heating Of The Product,screw(auger) Feed System, Automatic Level Control System In The Hopper. 

There Is Necessary Also Cartoning Machine For Tubes. 
Capacity Is 50-150 Cartons/min. 
Carton's Sizes Are From 13x13x64 Till 40x40x165. 
The Leaflet Sizes Are 8090 Till 250x170. It Can Be Folded 1-4 Times. 
There Should Be Labelling With Various Information By Embossing In Two Line 7-10 Symbols. 
There Is Necessary Case Packer. The Sizes For Cartons Are From 216x83x86 Till 420x200x220. 

So Need Whole Prodcution Line: Tube Filling And Sealing Machine Cartoning Machine Case Packer. 

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